Collection: Seeds

Get good fatty acids from seeds

Seeds contain plenty of nutrients, fibers and good omega fatty acids. Seeds are well suited for everyday usage as long as you eat them in moderation, about two tablespoons per day. You can add them for example to salads or smoothies. If you want to get the full benefit of seeds you can soak them overnight which helps the nutrients to absorb even better. Try for example hemp seeds or flaxseeds to get more variety to your diet. Make seeds a part of your daily diet!

Seeds are an excellent source of fiber and omega fatty acids

Seeds are an excellent way to add omega fatty acids, dietary fiber and vegetable protein to your diet. The gut needs enough dietary fibers to function properly which is why it is good to take seeds as a part of your daily diet. Seeds also decrease bad cholesterol and improve heart health. Especially hemp seeds and flaxseeds contain plenty of the necessary omega 3 fatty acid, alpha linoleic acid. In addition, seeds also contain plenty of minerals, such as potassium, calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium.

The use of seeds

The recommended daily amount of seeds is 30 grams which makes it 200–250 g per week. A small amount of seeds gives plenty of good energy and the recommended daily amount is also beneficial regarding the amount of vitamins and minerals.

It is good to soak the seeds for at least four hours or overnight before use as thus they will be easier to digest. If after soaking you want to use the seeds so that they are dry you can dry them in an oven with mild heat.

Seeds are an excellent snack or a good addition to your morning porridge. Seeds are also an efficient source of energy during hikes because they contain 33–76 of fat per 100 g, out of which over 90 % is the good unsaturated fat. 10–20 % of the consumed seeds won’t be absorbed because the digestive system can’t digest them completely.

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