Collection: Face Oils

Face oils treat every skin type

Contrary to the common belief, every skin type benefits from the usage of face oil, even oily skin. The lack of moisture is often a root cause of the problem for oily skin, and face oil helps to lock the moisture from toner and moisturizer on the skin. You can find luxurious face oils from Nordics brands at Arctic Pure – get to know the selection and choose the one that suits your needs the most!

Face oils for all skin types

Face oil is used on the face in addition to moisturizer. In addition to providing additional moisture and nutrients to the skin, face oil also locks in moisture and prevents it from evaporating from the skin. Face oils can also be used temporarily to treat a temporary problem with the skin, such as the drying of the skin in the winter.

Different kinds of face oils are available for different purposes. Face oil should be selected according to the use and the skin type. Face oils with smaller molecules are lighter and absorb easily on the skin, also reaching the deeper layers where for example. wrinkles are tackled. Face oils with bigger molecules also have their place in the skincare routine; they will stay on the surface layers to protect the skin, preventing the moisture from evaporating.

What kind of face oil does your skin need?

Dry skin needs more moisture than other skin types. Apricot seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and almond oil are good options for dry skin.

Normal skin doesn’t need as much moisture as dry skin but needs to maintain a good balance on the skin. A good option for normal skin is grapeseed oil.

Oily skin benefits from face oils which help to balance the function of the sebaceous glands. Jojoba oil is good for this purpose and acne skin benefits from the antiseptic tea tree oil.

Aging skin often suffers from dryness which is why oils suitable for dry skin can also be used on aging skin. Aging skin also benefits from oils which contain plenty of antioxidants which help to slow down the aging process in the skin cells, such as argan oil – which also contains plenty of vitamin E. Sea-buckthorn oil moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity.

How to use face oil

Face oil should be applied on clean skin, after applying toner and moisturizer. The oil can also be mixed with moisturizer. Oil is best absorbed on the skin if you exfoliate your face before applying face oil. The skin is also at its most receptive state after sauna, warm shower or steaming, when the pores are open.