Collection: Game

Game is sustainable meat

Game refers to certain wild animals hunted for their meat. In Finland, the most common species of animals considered as game include elk, deer and reindeer. The hunting of game is regulated in Finland, and it is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to consume meat. Game meat is often considered as a festive delicacy, and the meat is paired with carefully selected wines or beers to create a full taste experience. Get to know our selection of game conserves from Finland!

The hunting of game is regulated

The sustainable game is a good option when you want to minimize your environmental impact. Game meat is a more sustainable way to consume meat compared to livestock farming. The hunting of game is regulated for each species and it requires a permit. In Finland, the hunting of game is regulated by The Finnish Wildlife Agency, an independent institution governed by public law. The Finnish Wildlife Agency promotes sustainable game husbandry, implements the wildlife and game policies and manages public administration tasks. Game administration is set with social impact goals, which include e.g. ethical and responsible hunting and maintaining a balance between viable game animal populations.

The most important game in Finland

Only wild animals are considered as game, but in Finland the half-wild reindeer is also sometimes considered as game. Other game species include:

  • elk
  • Finnish forest reindeer
  • roe deer, fallow deer and white-tailed deer
  • North American beaver
  • hare and brown hare
  • mallard
  • wood grouse, black grouse and hazel grouse
  • woodpigeon
Game meat is often leaner than the meat from domestic farm-raised animals. This is due to the natural diet of the wild animal.

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