Collection: Birch

Birch symbolizes vitality, freshness and light

Birch is the national tree of Finland. The black and white trees with bright green leaves are an inseparable part of the Finnish scenery – and the way of life. Birch has provided wood for our tools, dishes and houses, powered our sauna experiences and even helped to protect our teeth. Birch sap, or “the water of life”, is one of the most beloved ingredients used by Nordic beauty brands, known for its moisturizing, refreshing and revitalizing effects. Get to know the many uses and benefits of birch!

Birch bark and birch sap have been utilized for centuries for various purposes

Birch is a black-and-white, thin-leaved tree which grows in boreal climates. Birch is covered by resilient bark which protects the tree from peasants and drastic temperature changes. The birch bark has been a valuable material for the Finns for centuries, and it has been used to make clothes, shoes, tools and dishes and as firewood and building material. The whiteness of the birch bark is due to betulin. Betulin is known for its bacteria-killing properties which has made it a useful ingredient in pharma-, chemical- and cosmetics industries.

Another useful ingredient from birch is birch sap, a sugary liquid which the birch uses to grow its leaves. Birch sap contains plenty of nutrients which are necessary for the growth of the birch, such as sugars, vitamins, minerals and alpha-hydroxy acids. The sweet birch sap has been used both internally and externally, from health drinks to cosmetics.

Birch sap is collected by drilling a whole in the birch and placing a plastic tube in it, along which the birch sap floats into a bucket. The collection of birch sap requires the permission of the landowner.

Birch sap revitalizes the skin and softens the hair

Birch sap has been used in beauty care for centuries. In the olden days the calming birch sap was used to treat rashes. Today birch sap is a popular ingredient among Nordics natural cosmetics brands. Birch sap is known for its effective moisturizing, refreshing and revitalizing effects on the skin. It also activates the renewal of the skin cells, as it contains plenty of antioxidants and minerals. Birch sap can be found in moisturizers, toners and cleansers. It is also used in hair products, as it helps to strengthen the scalp and makes the hair shinier and softer.

Birch vihta and the Finnish sauna culture

Vihta is an essential part of the authentic Finnish sauna experience. Vihta, or vasta, is a whisk made of fresh birch twigs. It is used - believe it or not - to whip yourself in the heat of the sauna. Whisking is actually really good for the skin as it increases blood circulation and refreshes and exfoliates the skin.

Xylitol products protect the teeth

Birch also contains birch sugar, or xylitol, which is used as a low-calorie sweetener for example in chewing gums. Xylitol is also widely used in other dental care products, such as toothpastes and mints, as it is believed to prevent dental caries.

You can find many interesting products with birch in our selection, such as natural cosmetics, snack bars and xylitol products. Take a closer look and order your favorites today!