Collection: Massage

Take care of yourself with massage stones

The body and mind both need challenge but also recovery in order to stay in balance. Massage is a good way to help the body to recover from training or from the muscle tightness caused by office work. From our selection, you can find massage equipment designed to be used on your own, so taking care of yourself has never been easier! Massage stones do their trick when used hot or cold: they help to decrease muscle stiffness, improve circulation and decrease swelling. They are also super easy to use at home. See the selection and get them for yourself or as a gift!

Hot stone therapy treats the body and the mind

Stones have been used to take care of the body in different cultures for thousands of years. The touch of stone relaxes muscles, the body and the mind efficiently.

During a hot stone massage, different parts of the body are treated with smooth and heated stones. The stones can be placed for example on the face, palms, feet, chest, spine or stomach. The areas can be treated with the stones by long strokes, circular movements or tapping.

Hot stone therapy has many benefits. The treatment relieves muscle tension and reduce muscle spasms, increases blood circulation and helps to increase range of motion. Hot stone therapy can also reduce stress and help with sleeping problems.

Soapstone products for hot stone therapy

Hukka Design designs and manufactures wellbeing products from soapstone. All products are made from over 2,8 billion year-old Finnish natural stone with over 30 years of experience.

Soapstone is an ideal material for hot stone therapy. Soapstone has excellent heat retaining capacity and thus good for hot stones therapy where the stones need to stay warm for a long time. Soapstone is also hygienic to use: its porosity is only 0,008 % so it doesn’t collect dirt or dead skin cells. Soapstone is also very dense and heavy material so it doesn’t absorb any liquids or tastes. Soapstone is also easy to clean.

You will find a selection of Hukka Design soapstone products from The Arctic Pure!