Collection: Dried mushrooms

Enjoy Nordic gourmet dishes with dried mushrooms

Enjoy the best flavors of the forest all year round with dried mushrooms! Our easy-to-use dried mushrooms bring a unique Nordic twist to risottos, pastas and pizzas, offering a wonderful culinary experience. In our selection, you can find dried porcini, chanterelles, funnel chanterelles and black trumpets – all handpicked from the clean forests of Finland. Find your favorite!

Forest mushrooms are full of flavor and nutrients

Mushrooms grow in the forests of Finland. The clean air, healthy soil and pure water ensure the high quality of Finnish forest mushrooms. Mushrooms are a good way to diversify your diet, since they contain plenty of nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The most well-known and popular forest mushrooms in Finland include chanterelle, porcini, funnel chanterelle, black trumpet, sheep polypore and milk-caps.

A few good reasons to try dried forest mushrooms:

  • they are nutritious: forest mushrooms contain plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals
  • they are of high quality, as they grow in the clean Finnish nature
  • they are delicious and bring aromatic flavor to dishes
  • they are versatile to use: add them to pastas, risottos, casseroles or pies just to name a few
  • they are easy and convenient to use
  • when stored properly, dried mushrooms can be preserved for years

How to use dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms can be used in many ways in cooking. You can ground the dried mushrooms into powder or use them as a whole. Dried mushrooms have a more intense flavor than fresh mushrooms, so be sure to taste the flavors while cooking!

Ground mushrooms can be used to make spice, such as mushroom salt or vegetable bouillon. You can add mushroom spice to sauces or casserole dishes. Try adding them for example in bolognese sauce or pancakes!

You can also add dried and crumbled mushrooms to bread dough.

Whole mushrooms can be added to risottos, pastas, casseroles and omelets. You can also use them as a pizza topping or pie filling. Whole mushrooms can also be used to make mushroom soup.

Before using whole dried mushrooms, let them soak in water for a while. Since nutrients dissolve into the water from the mushrooms, you can use the soaking water in cooking as well.

Store the dried mushrooms in airtight containers in a dry place away from sunlight.