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Joint health can be supported with nutrition

Over half of people over 50 year old experience some kind of joint problem, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Joint problems are not only related to age, as people who are younger than this also experience problems with joints, due to for example excessive strain or exercising. Joint problems can be prevented and treated with nutrition, exercise and supplements that support joint health. Get to know the selection of the products developed for healthier joints!

The treatment of joint problems starts with movement

Joint problems are very common. Joint problems can occur as pain during movement or rest, as swelling or stiffness of the joints. One of the most common joint problems is arthritis, which is caused by aging, joint injuries, physically demanding work and being overweight. Genes and lifestyle both play a big role in the occurrence of joint problems.

The most important way to treat joint problems is to stay in motion, as long as the pain is under control with medication or cold therapy. Exercising helps to maintain the elasticity of articular cartilage and the flexibility of tissue.

Regular exercise with moderate effort is recommended by for example swimming and cycling which are gentle on joints. Training at the gym is also recommended with proper moves: maintaining good muscle condition is important because muscles support joints and soften the strain on them which can also reduce pain. Good muscle condition also helps to maintain good posture, reducing excessive strain on certain joints. Stretching and maintaining good mobility is also important for joints.

Joint health can also be supported with nutrition

In addition to regular exercise, joint health can also be supported with the right nutrition. Joint-friendly diet includes lots of vegetables, fruits and berries, wholegrains and some fermented dairy products. Sufficient intake of protein is also important and therefore meat, chicken, fish are all recommended. Beans are a good plant-based and joint-friendly source of protein. It is also important that the diet contains enough of good fatty acids which lubricate the joints from the inside.

Joint health can also be supported with supplements. Products which contain collagen, glucosamin, MSM, nettle, calcium, ginger and greenshell mussel are all good for joints. For example bone broth is excellent for joints, as it is rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and amino acids – all building blocks of good joint health.

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