Collection: Berry Drinks

Enjoy berries conveniently in a drinkable form

If you prefer to enjoy berries in a drinkable form, a ready-made berry drink is the right choice for you. Berry drinks are a convenient way to enjoy a large amount of berries in an easily absorbing form. Berry drinks are made from whole fresh berries handpicked from the clean and wild Finnish forests. This ensures that all the important nutrients are utilized and the intense taste of the berries preserved. Berry drinks provide lots of positive berry energy for your day – enjoy and feel the difference!

Nordic berries are rich in nutrition and taste

Berry drinks are prepared from fresh berries when the berries are at their best. The whole berry is utilized in the preparation process, including the peels and the seeds, which contain a lot of essential vitamins, anthocyanins (flavonoids) and fibers. Berry drinks are an easy way to enjoy the benefits of fresh berries. For example 100 ml of bilberry drink contains as much as 139 bilberries.

You can find all the best Nordic berries in our berry drinks:

  • bilberries
  • sea-buckthorn
  • cloudberry
  • lingonberry
  • cranberry
  • raspberry
  • strawberry
  • blackberry

The berry drinks only contain berries picked from the Finnish nature. You can therefore be sure of their high quality, as the Finnish nature is one of the purest in the world. Finnish berries are extremely rich in nutrition and taste due to the challenging and versatile environment in which they grow. Nordics berries are particularly rich in anthocyanins (flavonoids) which they produce in order to protect themselves from the cold environment. The long and light summer days known as the midnight sun further support the creation of anthocyanin. These beneficial nutrients are captured in the berry drinks so you can enjoy the pure berries around the year, no matter where you are.

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