Rahula Ranch Spruce Sprout Coffee

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Unique Flavor Adventure 🌲☕

Experience the freshness of northern forests and the warmth of southern sun in one cup with Rahula Ranch Spruce Sprout Coffee!

This unique medium roast filter coffee combines the distinguished Yellow Bourbon variety from Brazil's Fazendas Dutra farm with the pure gift of Finnish nature, spruce sprouts. Each coffee bean is carefully selected and roasted by the skilled artisans at Kirjalan Paahtimo in Mikkeli, creating a balanced and harmonious flavor experience.

Brazilian Yellow Bourbon is known for its smooth, pleasant aroma and refined sweet, spicy notes. When paired with the refreshing, slightly resinous flavor profile of Finnish spruce sprouts, it creates an intriguing and multifaceted coffee experience. The medium roast preserves the inherent sweetness of Yellow Bourbon and the invigorating hint of spruce, offering a balanced and delightful taste.

This coffee is not just a beverage but an invitation to experience the unique union of coffee and nature. It provides a momentary escape from daily life, taking you on a journey from the fresh Finnish forests to the sunny coffee plantations of Brazil. Whether it's a morning wake-up call, an afternoon refreshment, or a relaxing evening moment, our spruce sprout coffee offers a unique and unforgettable flavor adventure.

Crafted with passion and skill, each coffee bag promises quality and a unique enjoyment. Dive into a world of flavors where tradition meets innovation – enjoy a cup of our medium roast spruce sprout coffee and let its enchanting aromas take you on a journey you'll never forget.

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Brazilian coffee (Yellow Bourbon), Finnish spruce sprout.

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