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Omega-3 fish oils for daily use

Lysi makes high-quality and sustainably produced omega-3 fish oils. Choose the right omega-3 product for your needs from Lysi!

Lysi makes high quality fish oils and fish liver oils

Lysi is the biggest producer of fish oils and fish liver oils in the world. The story of Lysi dates back to 1938, as the Icelandic brothers Tryggvi and Thodor Olafson founded a fish oil factory in Reykjavik. Ever since the first years, the products of Lysi have been firmly founded on high quality, research and environmentally friendly production methods. During the decades, Lysi has built up extensive knowledge in the production of high quality fish oils.

The word Lysi is Icelandic and means ‘light’.

Trusted quality and sustainability

Lysi produces fully refined fish oils from responsibly sourced fish. All fish is caught by following the principles of sustainable fishing. Lysi omega-3 fish oil is made from mackerel and sardine. The Lysi fish liver oils are made from cod, pollock and haddock livers.

Lysi has been granted several certificates for sustainability and quality:

  • MSC (Marine Stewardship Council): MSC certificate ensures that the fishing is strictly regulated by authorities and safe for fish stocks.
  • IRF (Icelandic Responsible Fisheries): All Icelandic fish used in the Lysi products is IRF certified fish, ensuring compliance with the strictest international requirements for responsible fishing.
  • FOS (Friends of The Sea): All Lysi omega-3 products have been granted the FOS certificate. Friends of the Sea certificate ensures that the fish is ethically and sustainably caught.
  • GOED omega-3 certificate: GOED is an international certificate ensuring the high quality of EPA and DHA omega-3 products.

The quality of the Lysi products are strictly monitored in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Iceland. All ingredients go through a rigorous purity analysis to detect e.g. environmental toxins.