Collection: Cranberry

Cranberry grows in the cool wetlands of the North

Cranberry is a ruby-red tart berry enjoyed especially around Christmas. Cranberries ripen in our Arctic nature in the late autumn when the first frosts arrive. Cranberries are rich in healthy vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals as well as phytochemicals which also account for cranberries' anti-inflammatory effects. Cranberry is also a multi-use berry in cooking, as it complements both sweet and savory dishes well. Enjoy the benefits of cranberries around the year with cranberry powders, dried cranberries and cranberry juice!

Cranberries are used to prevent urinary tract infections

Cranberries have been used in folk medicine for centuries due to their good nutritional content and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to vitamins and minerals, cranberries contain plenty of their phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are bioactive compounds that function as antioxidants in the body, preventing the harmful effects of oxidative stress. One of these phytochemicals are proanthocyanidins which are the reason why cranberry juice is widely used to prevent urinary tract infections. Proanthocyanidins prevent the harmful bacteria from sticking to the cells that line the urinary tract which causes urinary tract infections.

Cranberry powders can be enjoyed around the year

Cranberries have a tart yet fresh flavor which suits both sweet and savory dishes well. Cranberries are used especially around Christmas time and in the United States, they are also an important part of the Thanksgiving dinner. Cranberries can be used in sauces for meat dishes, desserts and baking. Cranberries contain a lot of pectin, a fiber which enhances the jellification of berries. Therefore cranberries are excellent for making jams, jellies and marmalades.

Another good way to enjoy cranberries are cranberry powders and dried cranberries. The powders and dried berries preserve well so they can be enjoyed all year round. They are also an easy way to add plenty of good vitamins and minerals to various dishes, such as smoothies, porridge or granola.

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