Collection: Hetkinen

Natural cosmetics and lifestyle products inspired by trees

Hetkinen is a Finnish natural cosmetics and lifestyle brand inspired by the healing effects of trees. You can find luxurious body butters, lip balms and fragrances as well as candles and scent diffusers from the Hetkinen selection. All the products have been made from 100 % natural vegan ingredients. As a final touch, the products are packed in lovely antibacterial jars made of Finnish pine. Get to know the products and feel the healing powers of trees on your skin!

Natural cosmetics from the Nordic nature

Hetkinen is a natural cosmetics and lifestyle brand founded by the Turku-based Wooded Empatia Ltd. The product line has been inspired by the Nordic nature and the health effects it enables. The Hetkinen products emanate love for the Finnish forests and trees. The pure and carefully selected ingredients and the ecological wooden packaging are at the core of Hetkinen. Nature’s wellbeing is an important value for Hetkinen.

According to the philosophy of Hetkinen, special attention should be paid in the ingredients used in cosmetics since they are directly absorbed into our bodies when applied on the skin. All the ingredients of the Hetkinen products are pure, carefully selected and 100 % plant based. The products don’t contain any synthetic ingredients, such as:

  • parabens
  • scents
  • colorants
  • mineral oils
  • polyethylene

Trees as ingredients and packaging materials

The Hetkinen products are based on the health effects of trees. The series contains products based on pine, juniper, birch, spruce, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Trees are utilized in a versatile way in the products and the ingredients include for example pine needles, birch leaves and essential oils from different trees.

The Hetkinen products delight with their scents which will bring the smell of a fresh pine forest in your bathroom. The rich, waterless and well absorbing textures of the products nourish, refresh and calm your skin regardless of your age.

The Hetkinen selection includes the following skincare products for the body:

  • body butters
  • hand creams
  • lip balms
  • deo scents
  • salt soaps
  • hand soaps
  • fragrances

In addition, you can find candles, scent diffusers and sauna scents from the Hetkinen selection.

An essential part of the charm of Hetkinen is that the products are packed in beautiful jars made of Finnish pine. You can therefore enjoy the unique beauty and the nearness of the trees also in your bathroom. The jars are antibacterial. Hetkinen wants to reduce the consumption of plastic and offer its customers a completely plastic-free product line.