Collection: Metsä/Skogen

Sauna and spa products inspired by Finnish forests

Metsä/Skogen brings the invigorating and soothing energy of Finnish forests to your bath moments. You can find lovely sauna and washing cloths as well as sauna honeys in Metsä/Skogen’s selection. Try for yourself!

Holistic wellbeing from Finnish forests

Metsä/Skogen is a lifestyle brand that offers holistic forest experiences. Metsä/Skogen was founded by Carita Peltonen, an experienced entrepreneur. Carita wishes to help people draw inspiration and strength from the Finnish forests to their everyday life. Carita has built a team of fellow enthusiasts at Metsä/Skogen who share her passion for helping people to reconnect with nature.

The wellbeing of forests is at the heart of Metsä/Skogen. Metsä/Skogen does close collaboration with Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation in order to preserve old-growth forests.

The products and services of Metsä/Skogen

Metsä/Skogen is a holistic concept which includes many kinds of products and services. The services include for example multi-sensory forest modules which Metsä/Skogen brings for example to personnel facilities and lobbies to enhance people’s wellbeing.

The products of Metsä/Skogen include wild foods, skincare products which utilize the Finnish innovation Reconnecting Nature™ forest extract as well as wooden products for everyday living. You can find Metsä/Skogen’s sauna and bath textiles as well as the relaxing sauna honey in our selection.