Collection: Deodorants

Natural deodorants keep the unwanted odors away

Deodorant refreshes and masks or prevents the odors of sweat caused by bacteria on the skin. Deodorant is most commonly used in armpits where perspiration is the most profuse, but it can also be applied on feet, for example. Sweat itself is odorless but body odor occurs when skin bacteria breaks down the protein molecules within sweat. These bacteria enjoy warm and moist places in particular. You can find natural deodorants from our selection that keep the unwanted odors away!

Deodorants come in many different forms

Deodorants are available in many forms: as sprays, creams, sticks and powders, for example. Deodorants prevent the formation of the bacteria that cause odor and the scents of the deodorant cover up odors. Also unscented natural deodorants are available.

Antiperspirants are also used as deodorants. Natural deodorants do not contain antiperspirants but support the skin’s own natural functions by ingredients such as vegetable extracts. For example sage is an herb which effectively prevents sweating. Natural deodorants also don’t clog the pores like synthetic deodorants can do.

Switching from synthetic deodorants to natural deodorants

When transitioning from traditional deodorants and antiperspirants to using natural deodorants, skin can react by itching and sweating more than usual. This is because the bacteria that have been accumulated on pores and the lower layers of the skin are exiting the body, thus causing a purifying reaction. This phase can last for a few weeks after which the situation stabilizes.

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