Collection: Toners

Toners cleanse, moisturize and refresh your skin

Toner is an important part of your daily skincare routine. Toner is applied on the face to finish cleansing, to moisturize and balance the skin and to enhance the absorption of other products. When chosen correctly, the regular use of toner can dramatically improve the condition of your skin. Get to know our selection of toners and micellar waters that will keep your face refreshed!

The many benefits of using a toner

Many of us are not sure whether a toner is a necessary product to use and what is actually the purpose of it. Toner is actually just as important of a product as a cleanser or a moisturizer and it has many effects and benefits on the skin: Regular use of toner pays off because it:

  • cleanses the skin and reduce pores
  • prevents the access of dirt to the cleansed pores
  • balances the pH level of the skin after cleansing
  • helps to remove dead skin cells
  • prepares the skin for other products and enhances their absorption
  • moisturizes the skin

As with all skincare products, toner is selected based on your skin type. Normal skin benefits from a toner which supports and maintains the good condition of the skin, dry skin needs a toner which moisturizes and strengthens the skin, sensitive skin needs a gentle toner and oily skin needs a toner which helps to control the production of sebum.

How to use toner

As with any skin care product, best results are achieved with a toner when it is used regularly. Toner should be used each morning and evening right after cleansing and before applying moisturizer, serum or face oil. Toner is best to be used on a slightly damp skin as its molecules penetrate the skin more effectively when the skin is damp. This way the toner also binds more water to help retain moisture.

Depending on the product, the toner can be applied gently on the face by hands or with a cotton pad. Spray toners are sprayed directly on the skin.