Collection: Essential Oils

Essential oils set the mood

Essential oils are natural scented oils which are used especially in aromatherapy, aroma lamps and diffusers. Each essential oil has their specific effects which have also been under a lot of scientific research. For example, lavender soothes and rose increases the feeling of happiness. Here at Arctic Pure, you can find unique blends of essential oils that exude the Nordic spirit. Experience the scents of a fresh pine forest or find your inner “sisu” (the famous Finnish concept of determination and resilience) with the help of these original blends. Dive into the world of essential oils!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils refer to the fat-soluble, odorous oils produced by aromatic plants. Essential oils are generally extracted from the plant by steam distillation, cold pressing or expression. The essential oils do not dissolve into water but they can be mixed with vegetable oils and alcohol.

The use of essential oils

Essential oils can be mixed with each other when the goal is to achieve a certain effect or scent combination. The most convenient way to use essential oils is by adding them to scent diffusers. Essential oils can also be added to DIY natural cosmetics and other self-made products, laundry vinegar, bath water and foot baths.

Oils are always diluted when used externally and they are not recommended to be consumed internally, as they are strong compounds. The improper use of essential oils can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Some essential oils, such as lemon, are more prone to cause allergic reactions.

Essential oils can affect different people in a different way. The best way to start using essential oils is gradually with the help of an expert.

Essential oils are best to be kept in a cool place away from the sun.

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