Metsä/Skogen Scent Diffuser Birch Forest

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Metsä/Skogen Scent Diffuser - Birch Forest

Bring the connection to nature into your home with the Metsä/Skogen Scent Diffuser in Birch Forest scent. Create a tranquil atmosphere and ambiance - as if you're spending Midsummer at a cabin!

Designed for those who desire to infuse their home with a natural and relaxing aura, the Metsä/Skogen Scent Diffuser Birch Forest provides many benefits. Its birch scent brings the sounds and smells of nature into your space, aiding in the creation of a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Easy to use - simply place the scent diffuser in a suitable location and enjoy as it fills your home with a hint of the forest and nature.

Scents from the Forest

Leaves rustling in the wind, the promise of summer in the air. The song of birds, the whispering wind, and the babble of a forest stream. In the embrace of moss and trees, you are present, you have arrived.


Open the cap and insert the sticks into the bottle. The scent starts to diffuse in a few hours. The more sticks you add, the stronger the fragrance. Flipping the sticks upside down towards the end of usage may intensify the scent's evaporation.

Additional info

3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol, propylene, glycol, natural essential oils (Albies Alba, Pinus Sylvesteris, Lavandula Angustifolia, Thyme Zygis, Citrus Auratifolia).

Metsämood Oy

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