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Healthy snack bars for the need of a quick bite

A healthy snack bar is a life-saver when you’re in the need of a quick snack. Our natural snack bars are not any snack bars: they are loaded with good nutrients that keep you focused and energized through the day – not to mention their delicious taste.. You can find snack bars with Arctic superfoods such as berries, spruce sprout and nettle from our selection, also without gluten. Get to know our selection and find your favorite!

Snack bar keeps the hunger away

A hungry person is rarely at their best. Therefore it is good to keep a snack bar with you which will help you through the day if the next meal is postponed for one reason or another. You can find delicious and nutritious snack bars for every taste from our selection.

Snack bars are perfect for the outdoor life

Snack bars are a good source of energy for hikes and other outdoor activities. They are easy to carry with you, they contain plenty of necessary nutrients and they help to keep energy levels high in the outdoors. Snack bars typically contain more carbs than protein bars. The more natural ingredients and dietary fiber the snack bar contains, the higher the quality. A good amount if dietary fiber is 3-5 g per snack bar.

Energy bars are loaded with good energy

Energy bars contain plenty of carbohydrates which helps you to maintain a good energy level especially during long-lasting exercising or long hikes. The main purpose of energy bars is to give the body quick energy. This is why they don’t contain as much protein as protein bars. Energy bars can also contain caffeine or creatine which also support performance levels.

Protein bars contain 5–25 g of protein

Protein bars are popular among the ones living an active lifestyle. One protein bar usually contains 5–25 g of protein per bar. Protein bars made of natural ingredients are the best option. When choosing the protein bar it is good to pay attention to the amount of sugar it contains: the recommended maximum per bar is 10 g.

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