Collection: Jams

Delicious jams from real Finnish berries

Welcome to the sweet section of our selection! Here you can find delicious jams and jellies made from 100 % real Finnish berries. Go with the classics such as strawberry or raspberry jam or try the more exotic cloudberry jam! No artificial flavor or color additives, just the real stuff.

Jams for everyday use

We think that there should be at least a jar or two of jam in every kitchen. You never know when you will feel like making for example pancakes, and that’s when you need them! Jams are also excellent for cooking and baking and they also give a finishing touch to your breakfast bread.

Jams from handpicked Finnish berries

The jams in our selection are made from 100 % Finnish berries, handpicked from our clean forests and fields. The color and taste comes from the berries as the jams are without any artificial colors or flavors.

Many of the jams in our selection contain berries in their intact form. This means that the berries still contain all their valuable vitamins and dietary fibers from the seeds and the skin of the berry.

Get to know the selection and choose your favorites!