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Biohacking – optimize your health & performance

Biohacking means optimizing health, wellbeing and performance through data, health technology and the knowledge of the human biology. In this section, you can find a selection of products developed for optimizing your cognitive and physical performance to reach better results at the office, at the gym or at your everyday life. Here you will also find the acclaimed Biohacker’s Handbook, the ultimate guide to upgrade yourself and unleash your inner potential. Get to know the products and get biohacking!

What is biohacking?

Biohacking refers to the pursuit of greater self-knowledge and self-improvement through data. Biohacking means taking responsibility of your own wellbeing by focusing on optimizing your own exercising, diet, recovery and mental health with the help of technology. Biohacking can mean anything from calculating your daily footsteps to taking specific supplements based on your personal health data.

Biohackers observe, measure and analyze their diet, sleep, activity and recovery with smart phone apps, wearable technology, laboratory testing and genetic testing. The data is used as a basis to achieve better health and performance through exercising, nutrition, supplements and stress management techniques such as meditating.

Biohacker’s Handbook – the ultimate guide to optimizing exercise, diet and recovery

The well-known Finnish experts of biohacking – M.D. Olli Sovijärvi, technology expert Teemu Arina and nutritional expert Jaakko Halmetoja – have written the acclaimed Biohacker’s Handbook. The book brings together novel perspectives on technology, biology and self-development. Biohacker’s Handbook has been acclaimed for its practical and research-based information on optimizing wellbeing and for its easy-to-follow format. The book is the go-to guide for anyone interested in optimizing their wellbeing and performance and learning the optimal balance between exercise, diet and recovery.

Biohacker’s nutrients and supplements

The body needs a constant supply of nutrients in order to function properly. Failing to get enough of micronutrients leads to health problems and reduced performance. Optimizing nutrient intake is therefore at the core of biohacking. The superfood brand Foodin has developed functional raw chocolates designed to give good energy for better performance at work and while exercising. Foodin Raw Chocolate Biohacker’s Work contains 69 % cocoa, forest blueberry, chocamine extract (theobromine), lion's mane mushroom extract (hedgehog casserole) and B. Coagluns probitotic – a killer combination to support alertness and cognitive productivity. Foodin Raw Chocolate Biohacker’s Exercise is the perfect pre-workout snack and a good alternative to drinks and powders. The chocolate contains 72 % raw cocoa, beetroot juice powder, supermaca, cordyceps mushroom extract and a touch of lactic acid bacteria which boost your physical performance. Try these super chocolates and feel the difference!

In addition to exercising and diet, recovery and mental balance are equally important components of health. Rohtos Labs Peace is a natural supplement which helps to conquer stress and anxiety. It is designed to help the body maintain its normal biochemical state under strain by alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It helps to maintain the micronutrients typically depleted under stressful conditions, such as tyrosine and neurovitamins B6 and B12.

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