Foodin Organic Raw Chocolate Biohacker's Exercise

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What, training chocolate!?

Foodin Organic Raw Chocolate Biohacker's Exercise is a chocolate containing 72 % raw cocoa that has been developed as a pre-workout before exercise! Awesome variety for drinks and powders and who wouldn’t want to work out the taste of chocolate in their mouth?

In addition to the chocolate mass, beetroot juice powder, supermaca, cordyceps mushroom extract and a touch of lactic acid bacteria are hidden in the chocolate. There are about 3 grams of cordyceps in one 40 g plate.

You can also find these ingredients e.g. some pre-workout drink powders!

The chocolate has been made in collaboration with the Biohacker Handbook! Also check out Biohackers training chocolate.

Additional info

Cocoa nibs*, cocoa butter*, coconut sugar*, beetroot juice powder*, supermaca*, cordyceps extract, vanilla*, sea salt, Bacillus coagulans probiotic. * = organic

Rawmance Ltd

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