Foodin Birch Sugar

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Foodin Birch Sugar

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The Foodin birch sugar belongs to the elite of sweeteners. Finnish birch sugar, or xylitol, is a completely natural table-top sweetener. Its glycemic index is only seven, which means that it raises blood sugar very slowly.

The xylitol contained in birch sugar promotes dental health, making it the perfect substitute for regular sugar. Its sweetness and structure is very similar to white sugar.

How to use birch sugar

Birch sugar can be used just like regular sugar. It withstands heating well and is therefore well suited for baking. May act as a laxative.

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Foodin – superfoods with only the purest ingredients!

Foodin – superfoods with only the purest ingredients!

The family-owned Foodin was born out of the wish to improve people’s quality of life and to work for a better tomorrow. Foodin imports and manufactures organic foods and superfoods. The Foodin products are known for their exceptionally good taste which is the result of using clean and nutritious ingredients and a personal relationship with the farmers. Ethical production and sustainable development are the cornerstone of Foodin’s operations. Foodin offers them a chance to do their work with sustainable methods. Foodin wants to take care of their customers and farmers.