Collection: Mushroom Coffees

Would you like a cup of mushroom coffee?

Need some extra boost to your day? Mushroom coffees are an excellent way to keep your energy levels high without the side of jitters and the dreaded mid-day crash. Mushroom coffees are a special combination of high-quality coffee and medicinal mushrooms. The mushrooms provide food for your brain and help to keep you more focused during the day. These superdrinks everyone should try!

Mushroom coffees help you to stay focused throughout the day

Mushroom coffees are made of either ground coffee beans or instant coffee and extracts from medicinal mushrooms. The mushrooms used in mushroom coffees are dried and their effective compounds are extracted from them. The extracts are then blended into regular coffee. Mushroom coffees taste very similar to regular coffee.

Mushroom coffees usually contain less caffeine than regular coffee. Therefore they are especially good for people who are sensitive to caffeine but who still feel they need something to help them stay energized and alert through the day. Caffeine releases the stress hormone cortisol and can also cause side-effects such as anxiety, restlessness, problems with sleep and stomach problems. Mushroom coffees lack these unwanted side-effects and replace them with benefits instead. Medicinal mushrooms are credited for example for supporting the immune system, as they contain high amounts of antioxidants. They also contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Some of the most common mushrooms used in mushroom coffees are:

  • lion’s mane
  • cordyceps
  • chaga
  • reishi

How to make mushroom coffee

Mushroom coffees are made with water just like regular coffee; instant coffees you just mix with it and ground coffees you brew. If you wish to make iced coffee, just add ice to the coffee and let chill. You can also add a bit of plant milk or even lemon juice to the mushroom coffee.