Collection: Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition takes you toward better results

Everyone who exercises can increase their energy levels, achieve better results and boost their recovery after a performance with consistent training and a diverse diet. The more you exercise the more important role will high-quality sports nutrition play in your diet. You can find organic whey proteins, vegetable proteins suitable for vegans and dietary supplements that support an active lifestyle from our selection. Find your favorites and order today!

Sports nutrition as a part of training

Which sports nutrition products you should use depends on your type of sport, your level, the intensity of the training and your goals. Sports nutrition gives more energy for training as well as supports the development of muscles and recovery after training.

Different kinds of sports nutrition products are available for different purposes, such as products that help to prepare for the performance, products that are used during the performance to keep the energy levels high and products which support the recovery after the performance. However, the most important thing is to make sure that you get enough of all the necessary nutrients from your daily diet as sports nutrition is only meant to support it.

Sports drinks taken before the performance

Before a long and straining performance it is good to enjoy additional energy from sports drinks which prepare the body for the performance ahead. Sports drink provides glycogen for the muscles which helps to achieve maximum performance. The carbohydrates stored in the muscles are released as energy during the performance.

A weightlifter can also find pre-workout sports drinks beneficial as they help to load up the body with the essential nutrients for the training.

Sports drinks and energy gels taken during the performance

Consuming carbohydrates in the form of energy gels or energy drinks is highly recommended during long performances. The body loses a lot of fluids and minerals with sweating so the lost fluids and salts need to be replaced with sports drinks during a performance which lasts for over an hour. Energy gels are good for long runs, cycling or triathlon. Energy gels provide carbs which help to maintain the performance level and glycogen levels in the muscles as well as keep blood sugar steady.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) taken during strength training help to prevent fatigue and boost the protein synthesis required for muscle growth. However, a recovery drink taken after the training plays a more crucial role in strength training than nutrition taken during the workout.

Recovery drinks taken after the performance

It is good to take a recovery drink after endurance training as well as strength training as it helps the body to recover from the performance and boost muscle growth. Recovery drink is useful especially for an athlete who aims for maximum performance. Intensive training destroys the muscle protein and empties the glycogen storage in the muscles. This is why it is good to enjoy the recovery drink immediately after the training so that the body quickly gets back the nutrients it lost during the training. The recovery drink should contain both proteins and carbohydrates. You can choose between ready-made recovery drinks and protein powders.