Collection: Hand Creams

Soft touch with natural hand creams

Neat hands are soft and smooth – the kind of hands that are nice to hold. Taking care of your hands is a good way to pamper yourself and enjoy the moment. You can find natural hand creams made from high-quality organic ingredients from our selection. Let the precious oils such as sea-buckthorn seed oil and argan oil nurture your hands and the scents of the Nordic nature such as pine and birch lift your mood. Order for yourself or as a gift!

Take care of your hands with natural hand creams

Our hands are exposed to all kinds of strains during the day which also affect the condition of the skin. Strong chemicals (dish washing liquids, laundry detergents, shampoos, paints, waxes etc), washing your hands often and cold temperatures all affect the condition of the hands. Dry hands can cause redness, cracked skin, hangnails and all sorts of not-so-pleasant hand ailments.

Moisturizing your hands regularly with hand cream is therefore important. Hand cream helps to maintain the moisture balance, elasticity and softness of the skin.

Hand creams made of natural ingredients are the most gentle option for your hands. Natural hand creams don’t contain for example alcohol which can dry the skin further. Instead, they contain natural ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter and almond oil which moisturize and nurture the skin in a natural way.

Use hand cream like this

The condition of your hands determines the selection of the right hand cream and how often it should be used. Normal skin manages with a lighter hand cream, applied on the skin in the evenings. Dry skin requires a heavier hand cream and multiple applying sessions per day.

Hand cream is best to be applied on clean and dry hands which make the effective ingredients of the cream to absorb more effectively. Massaging the skin also improves circulation and makes the cream absorb better. To give your hands the ultimate moisture treatment, you can slip cotton gloves on for the night after applying the hand cream. This way you can also apply a thicker layer of the cream.