Collection: Raspberry

Raspberry – the fresh and sweet wild berry

The sweet raspberry is like candy in itself. Raspberry is not only a delicious and beautiful berry, it is also extremely healthy. Raspberry contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which is why it is known to be particularly gentle for the stomach. Raspberry is often used in jams, juices and desserts, but it can also be dried or frozen and enjoyed in for example smoothies. Get to know our raspberry products!

Raspberry is a gut-friendly berry

Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) grows wild next to forests, roads and ditches, on the shores of streams and rivers as well as cleared areas. Raspberry can also be cultivated.

Raspberry is not only delicious, but very healthy. Like berries in general, raspberry is a good source of dietary fiber, but it actually contains more fibers than blueberry, lingonberry, strawberry or cranberry. The gut loves fibers so raspberries are an ideal treat for the ones suffering from stomach problems. Research has also shown that raspberry also prevents the growth of harmful gut bacteria.

Raspberry is also good for the immune system since it contains plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E and folate. Two decilitres of raspberries contain as much vitamin C as one mandarin. Raspberry is also a good source of polyphenol which acts as an antioxidant.

The use of raspberries

Raspberries are wonderful to be enjoyed as fresh, but the season to do that is quite short at least in the North. Therefore it is common to be preserved so it can be used all year round, by making jams and juices or just by freezing the berries or drying them. Bilberry is an excellent pair to raspberry in jams and juices. Raspberry is also often used in berry soups or kisels, pastries and desserts. Raspberry is a wonderful addition to muffins and it also makes a delicious filling for cake. Raspberry and chocolate are a classic pair, so try raspberry also in chocolate cake.