Collection: Sea Buckthorn

Sea-buckthorn is a vitamin C bomb

Sea-buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides) is a plant that grows in Eurasia and produces berries rich in vitamin C. Sea-buckthorn also contains plenty of good fatty acids and carotenoids. Sea-buckthorn is often used in food supplements as well as jams, oils, juices and powders. It is also a popular ingredient in cosmetics due to its nutritious oils and vitamins. Get to know our selection of sea-buckthorn products and choose your favorites!

Sea-buckthorn grows in Eurasia

Sea-buckthorn grows naturally in for example Siberia, China, Russia, Alps and the Nordic countries. In Finland sea-buckthorn can be found on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia and Åland. In these areas sea-buckthorn was previously growing scarcely but it has spread fiercely in the last couple of decades. Sea-buckthorn requires a lot of light and while it thrives in areas close to salty waters, it also endures dryness very well.

Sea-buckthorn is a vitamin-rich superfood

Sea-buckthorn is extremely rich in vitamin C. It contains 165 mg/100 g of vitamin C, when the recommended daily intake for an adult is 75 mg. Sea-buckthorn also contains carotenoids, vitamin B, vitamin K, zinc, magnesium, manganese, sodium, calcium and flavonoids.

Plenty of high-quality research has been done on sea-buckthorn and its health benefits, but unfortunately we are not able to share details on these as we are operating under the Finnish Food Act.

You can find sea-buckthorn in many products in our selection, such as:

  • berry powders
  • chocolates
  • snack bars
  • cosmetics
  • spice mixes
  • juices
  • jellies

We recommend you to try sea-buckthorn in all its forms!