Collection: Candles

Candles to set the mood

Experience the cozy comfort of candles in your home. Candles are perfect for creating a home spa atmosphere, to set the mood for romantic nights or to just enjoy a bit more light during the darker season. You can find ethical and ecological candles from our selection. Select a scented candle which brings enchanting aroma to your home or an unscented candle to just enjoy the soothing flames.

More than just candles

Hetkinen makes candles which bring soothing aromas straight from the pure Finnish nature to your home, such as smokey wood and spruce resin. The Hetkinen candles are 100 % vegan made from rapeseed wax, soy wax, olive oil wax, coconut wax and essential oils.

The Hetkinen veggie candles have a wooden wick made of Finnish aspen which makes a soothing crackle when burned, reminding you of the comforting glow of a fireplace. Wooden wick requires a bit of maintenance to keep it burning beautifully. Just trim the black part away after each use for example with a wood wick trimmer.

The Hetkinen happiness candles have the soft scent of pine which creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The happiness candles come with a pine root holder which is a beautiful design element on its own.

See the selection and choose your favorite!