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Fazer – sweets moments to remember

Northern Liberty is freedom to enjoy special moments as well as everyday life. Fazer is present in these moments with its beloved chocolates, sweets and biscuits. Fazer is Finland’s leading confectionery brand with long traditions in producing sweets, biscuits and chocolates. You can find delicious Fazer sweets and treats with a Nordic twist from our selection, such as licorices, xylitol chewing gums and Moomin biscuits. Experience the world of Fazer and order today!

Confectioneries of the highest quality

Fazer was founded in 1891 when Karl Fazer opened his first cafe in Helsinki. The cafe quickly became an essential part of the cultural life in Helsinki. Fazer had studied the making of sweets in the leading confectionery shops in Europe and was interested to begin his own production. The first Fazer sweet, Pihlajanmarja (=rowanberry) marmalades, were begun to be made in the cafes in 1895. These sweets are still sold today and have become a true Finnish classic.

The first Fazer sweets factory was established in 1897. The Fazer sweets quickly gained a reputation for being of the highest quality and impressive by their appearance. The products were also sold all over Europe as well as Morocco, Levanti, Ceylon and the Dutch India. Fazer began to produce biscuits in 1924 and quickly expanded their production as well.

Karl Fazer died in 1932 and his son Sven Fazer took over the company. During his time, the company grew to be the biggest confectionery factory in the Nordics. During the following decades, Fazer further expanded their production of sweets, confectioneries and breads as well as opened more cafes and lunch restaurants.

Old classics and new favourites

Today Fazer is one of the most highly valued and respected brands in Finland. It is fairly safe to say that nearly every Finn has some kind of emotional connection to the iconic company and their products. Along with the old classics such as the beloved milk chocolate Fazerin sininen (Fazer Blue), Fazer has expanded their selection and come up with products which match the current food trends such as the oat licorice.

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