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Natural body lotions for every skin type

The regular use of body lotion keeps your skin moisturized and soft. Skin is challenged throughout the year: in the summer, the sunlight dries the skin, whereas in the winter it is the cold air which has the same effect. You can find natural body lotions and body butters for each skin type from our selection. Try also the ecological body cakes which are packed in recyclable materials. See the selection and choose your favorite!

Internal and external factors affect the moisture balance of the skin

The skin has many important functions both internally and externally, such as protection, thermoregulation, control of evaporation and sensation. It is therefore important to keep the skin in good condition. Regular moisturizing helps to maintain the wellbeing of the skin.

Factors that disturb the skin’s moisture balance include:

  • UV radiation of the sun
  • cold and dry air
  • not drinking enough water
  • problems with metabolism
  • stress
  • unhealthy diet
  • genetics
  • washing the skin too often

The weather and the climate affect the skin’s moisture balance. During the winter months, the cold and dry air dries the skin, whereas during the summer months, it is the sunlight which has the same effect. During these times, the skin needs a bit of extra care and a more nurturing moisturizer. Problems with metabolism, not drinking enough water, unhealthy diet and stress can also affect the skin’s moisture balance. Genetics also play a role, and atopic skin can be inherited. Washing the skin too often also dries it.

When the skin dries it causes a mild inflammation which itches. When scratched, the inflammation gets worse and the skin may break, causing bacteria to enter the skin.

How to choose and use the right body lotion?

Moisturizer should be used daily. In most cases moisturizing the skin once a day is enough, though very dry skin may need moisturizing a couple of times per day. Normal skin manages with a lighter body lotion whereas dry skin needs a thicker and more nurturing body butter. Body lotion should always be selected according to the needs of the skin. Unscented body lotions should be used on sensitive skin.

Body lotion should be used after taking a shower, on clean and towel-dried skin. Slightly moist skin locks in the moisture better and the effective ingredients of the lotion are better absorbed into the skin. You can also massage the skin gently while putting on lotion, as it improves blood circulation and improves the absorption of the lotion. If the lotion is immediately absorbed into the skin and the skin continues to feel dry, you may need to switch to a heavier lotion.

You can find lots of body lotions, body butters and body cakes in our selection – find your favorite and order today!