Havuka Strong 30 % Spruce Resin Balm

Havuka Strong 30 % Spruce Resin Balm

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Havuka Spruce Resin Balm is Nature's own antiseptic balm. Completely natural and very effective. Made in Finland from Finnish spruce resin.

Spruce resin speeds up the healing up of wounds and scratches and prevents inflammation and bacterial growth on them. The power of spruce resin has been proven in clinical research.

Spruce resin fights off bacteria on your skin

The Havuka Spruce Resin Balm is recommended for use on wounds and cuts, chapped skin, burns, sun burns and frost bites.

Resin balm also works wonders on nail fungus, herpes, warts, erysipelas and hemorrhoids. Resin balm also alleviates insect stings and symptoms of sinusitis.

In Finland spruce resin is an age-old remedy for skin ailments such as scratches and dryness. This Havuka balm contains a potent concentration of resin.

How to apply spruce resin

Clean up the open wound, add balm to a medical grease bandage and place it on the wound. Repeat once or twice a day.

Continue the treatment until the injured area has healed. You can notice the effectiveness after 3–5 times of use. Can be used in sauna to accelerate the effect.

Keep the resin balm away from sunlight. Also suitable for pets!

In his journeys, Elias Lönnrot was busy collecting folk tales and eventually, he had got some wounds in his feet. He sits down to rest by the shore of a calm forest pond, opens his backpack and digs some gold of the North, nature’s own substance, out of its depths. He spreads some spruce resin on his soles, and immediately feels the soothing and caring effect on his skin. In the morning he continues his journey, his bare feet strong again against the hard ground, yet with light steps.

Step on the paths of Elias Lönnrot. Take the Nordic gold for your own use!

Additional info

Finland Spruce (Picea abies) Resin, Sodium Rapeseedate (organic), Beeswax.
Contains natural resin.

Shelf life opened
At room temperature 12 months

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