Collection: Havuka

Fully natural and potent spruce resin has been used throughout history as a natural remedy for wounds and skin ailments. This effective antibacterial resin has proven its healing powers through medical research as well.

Potent healer of wounds

HAVUKA spruce resin products are the most potent on the market and contain up to 30 % of Finnish spruce resin. You can find precision products to enhance your quality of life and sustain your healing process and wellness. The most common use of spruce resin balm is to aid the healing of wounds and protect against infection.

All HAVUKA products are handmade in Finland using carefully picked, high quality, natural ingredients. HAVUKA collects, handles and produces all products themselves. Their products are therefore easy and safe to use – a brief list of ingredients indicate the simplicity and effectivity. HAVUKA spruce resin products are also perfect for the authentic Finnish sauna experience!

Havuka still uses the original old-timey recipes of Elias Lönnrot for manufacturing these products. Elias Lönnrot was a doctor and a reformer of the Finnish language, as well as a botanist. This compiler of Kalevala also collected ancient folk healing methods on his expeditions. The HAVUKA Elias Lönnrot Series is made with his timeless recipes and with 25 years of hands-on experience.