Havuka Meadowsweet Spruce Resin Balm

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Natural pain relief

Havuka resin balm with meadowsweet is a completely organic pain relief balm. The balm contains nature’s own salicylic acid (source for Aspirin). May relieve headaches, muscle pain and growing pains.

Meadowsweet was traditionally used in Finland for migraine, nerve pains, sciatica, sore muscles, cramps, gout and restless feet.

How to use Meadowsweet balm

Apply a thin layer externally on the needed skin area. For headaches: treat head and shoulder area. A cold wet towel on the forehead enhances the treatment.

Keep away from sunlight. 

That night, Elias had listened to the rune singers for a long time, the nightless summer evening around him. When he was going to sleep he noticed, that his legs were stiff from a long sitting on a hard bench at the table. Elias asked the lady of the house to give him some meadowsweet. In no time at all he extracted a solution from the plant and doused a towel in it to spread solution all over his legs. In the morning he woke up refreshed and ready to continue his journey.

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