Havuka Tussock Cottongrass & Lichen Soap Bar

12.95 €

Package Size: 80 g Inventory Quantity: 14


A Havuka soap bar with silky tussock cottongrass and mineral rich white reindeer lichen. Tussock cottongrass grows in the Finnish swamps and bogs as this white-haires plant likes wet and peaty soils. All natural exfoliating soap for the body.

Exfoliating cottongrass and lichen soap

Suitable for dry and sensitive skin and hair.

The lichen soap gently exfoliates, sooths and moisturizes. Contains polyphenols and sugars that moisturize and boost your hair.

The Havuka moisturizing soap treats irritated and itchy skin. It may be used to wash hair. Use for the entire body, and for scalp and hair.