Havuka Lavender Balm

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Soothe dry and itchy skin with lavender balm

Havuka Lavender Balm is a soothing and relaxing, antiseptic balm. Suitable for different kinds of skin problems, such as eczema.

This Finnish made Lavender balm enhances the healing process of the skin, especially if you suffer from eczema or an itchy scalp. It may also be used for massages.

Recommended use of lavender balm

Havuka Lavender Balm can be used for massage, especially on an itchy scalp ora against dandruff. It may also improve quality of sleep if you rub it on your chest.

Apply a thin layer on desired skin area. Can be used in sauna to accelerate the effect.

As an added bonus, ticks find the scent of lavender off-putting, so the balm may be used as a natural deterrent for ticks. Suitable for pets.

Keep away from sunlight.

Additional info

Lavandula angustifolia, Sodium Rapeseedate (organic), Persea gratissima Oil, Beeswax .

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