Havuka Spruce Resin Lip Balm

12.95 €

Package Size: 4 g Inventory Quantity: 10


Antiseptic 100% natural product. For chapped and dry lips. Emollient and antiseptic lip balm for dry lips. Contains caring spruce resin. 

  • Contains natural resin
  • 100% natural product
  • Made by hand in Finland.

In the bitter cold, the wind was howling in the corners of the Northern cottages. Elias was listening to the rune singer, but the singer complained that the song did not come out properly because the lips had suffered from being chapped by the cold of winter. Elias went out for a moment, took some resin from the spruce, mixed it with grease, and instantly turned the spruce resin into a lip balm. It brought help to the situation. And again, the rune singer filled the living room with her stories!

Step on the paths of Elias Lönnrot. Take the Nordic gold for your own use!