Frantsila 11 Herb Salve

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A time-honored, multipurpose skin healing product cherished by countless individuals for over 40 years

Crafted by Frantsila founder Virpi Raipala-Cormier, this salve, also known as the miracle salve, has garnered its reputation by providing relief for a wide array of skin issues. Blending 11 revitalizing and soothing herbs, such as self-heal, ribwort plantain, and yarrow, this salve offers a natural solution for various skin concerns.

This exceptional salve is ideal for individuals seeking an effective and natural remedy for skin issues. Offering a sense of relief and restoration, it is a go-to product for those in pursuit of holistic skin care. With its powerful blend of 11 herbs, this salve enables users to access the healing properties of nature, promoting overall well-being and skin health.

Frantsila 11 Herb Salve stands out due to its potent blend of 11 skin-revitalising and soothing herbs, resulting in a highly effective solution for various skin problems

The active ingredients in these herbs offer natural relief and revitalization, making this salve a versatile and invaluable addition to any skincare routine. Whether it's for addressing dryness, irritation, or other skin concerns, this salve is a reliable choice. Perfect for those who value natural and organic skincare, each application provides an infusion of botanical benefits, courtesy of Frantsila's expertise in herbal formulations.

  • Offers natural relief for a variety of skin problems
  • Formulated with 11 skin-revitalising and soothing herbs
  • Promotes holistic skin care and overall well-being
  • Ideal for those seeking natural and organic skincare solutions
  • Provides a potent blend of botanical benefits for the skin
  • Crafted by Frantsila founder Virpi Raipala-Cormier
  • Available in a multipurpose formula

How to Use

Apply a thin layer of the salve to the affected area 2-4 times a day. To maximize the effect, you can cover the area of application with a bandage or gauze.

Additional info

*Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Beeswax, *Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil, *Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) leaf extract, *Trifolium pratense (Red clover) flower extract, *Prunella vulgaris (Self-heal) extract, *Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) flower extract, *Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) root extract, *Calendula officinalis (Calendula) flower extract, *Plantago lanceolata (Ribwort plantain) leaf extract, *Stellaria media (Chickweed) extract, *Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort) flower extract, *Polygonum aviculare (Common knotgrass) extract, *Verbascum thapsus (Mullein) extract, *Arctium lappa (Burdock) root extract.
*Certified organic

Frantsila Herbfarm Oy

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