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Feel-good books for every taste

In the age of audio books, it feels even more significant to own a physical book. Therefore we have compiled the most interesting books in our selection, which bring use and entertainment for years to come. Dive into the world of Mauri Kunnas’s beloved children’s books or enjoy classics such as the Biohacker’s handbook. Order for yourself or as a gift!

The children’s books by Mauri Kunnas about and from Finland

Mauri Kunnas is one of the most popular and successful Finnish authors and illustrators, known particularly for his Doghill books. The books of Mauri Kunnas have been translated into 37 languages, published in 36 countries around the world and sold over 10 million copies. Mauri Kunnas’s children’s books tell uniquely imaginative stories and they are beautifully illustrated. The books also offer a peek into the Finnish history and culture in a wonderfully entertaining way.

The most popular of the Mauri Kunnas books is Santa Claus, which tells everything there is to know about the jolly old gift-giver, his elves and the magical Korvatunturi. The book is a must-have for the fans of Christmas all over the world!

Biohacker’s Handbook – the ultimate guide to optimizing health

Biohacker’s Handbook is a comprehensive research-based guide to biohacking. Biohacker’s Handbook is written by the well-known Finnish experts of biohacking – M.D. Olli Sovijärvi, technology expert Teemu Arina and nutritional expert Jaakko Halmetoja.

The book has been particularly acclaimed for presenting lots of practical information on optimizing and balancing exercising, diet and recovery. The book is presented in an easy-to-follow format and it is the go-to guide for anyone interested in biohacking their health and wellbeing.

Very Finnish Problems – get to know the peculiarities of the Finnish culture

Very Finnish Problems is a book series and social media sensation created by Joel Williams who moved from the UK to Finland 16 years ago. Very Finnish Problems he shares hilarious insights about the peculiarities of living in Finland from the perspective of a Brit. The Very Finnish Problems books are a must-read for anyone interested in Finland and the Finnish culture!