Collection: Lingonberry

Lingonberry – the fresh and feisty Arctic berry

Lingonberry is a tart red berry found in the boreal forests and Arctic tundra in the North. Lingonberry contains plenty of polyphenolic compounds which function as antioxidants in the body, as well as vitamins C and E. Lingonberry is a popular berry in the North and it has been used in traditional cuisines as well as folk medicine for centuries. Today it is used to make jams, juices, powders and snacks as well as an ingredient in cosmetics. Get to know our lingonberry products, handpicked in the cleanest forests of Europe!

Health benefits of lingonberry

Nordic folks have known the health effects of lingonberry for centuries. Lingonberry was used in Nordic folk medicine to treat the symptoms of the urinary tract infection and gingivitis. Today lingonberry has become a great interest in the Nordic science community. The University of Tampere recently published a study which shines more light on the possible beneficial effects lingonberry can have on obesity and low-grade inflammation.

Lingonberry contains plenty of vitamin E, magnesium, dietary and polyphenols such as resveratrol and quercetin which are currently under extensive research on their health benefits.

Uses of lingonberry

Lingonberry grows wild in the light and dry heath forests in Finland. Each year, 200-500 million kilos of lingonberries ripen in our forests. The lingonberry harvest is the highest of any berry in Finland, exceeding also the harvest of the popular bilberries, though only about 10 % of the lingonberries that grow in the forests are harvested.
Lingonberries are used for many purposes. They are an essential part in many traditional dishes, such as sauteed reindeer and spinach pancakes. They are also used for baking, such as for making pies and buns.

Lingonberries are also used to make jams and juice. Lingonberry powders and dried lingonberries are easy to add to smoothies, yoghurt or porridge to improve their nutritional value. Lingonberry is also used in cosmetics as their omega-3 fatty acids help to maintain skin’s natural health.