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Face masks improve the appearance and health of your skin

Face masks provide an extra boost for your skincare routine. Used 1–2 a week after exfoliating the face, face mask removes impurities, moisturizes, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Ingredients such as clay and charcoal purify oily and blemished skin while masks packed with vegetable oils provide extra nourishment for dry skin. Get into the spa mood and pick the right face mask for your skin type from Arctic Pure!

Face masks provide intensive treatment for the skin

Our skin faces many external challenges each day, from changing weather conditions to air pollution. Our face also naturally ages day by day. Face masks offer an extra boost for your skincare routine, smoothing, repairing, lifting, moisturizing or clarifying the skin depending on the product. Face masks offer intense skin treatment for particular skin conditions, such as blemished or dry skin. Even if you don’t suffer from any skin condition in particular, applying a face mask every now and then will leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

Choose a face mask according to your skin type

Face mask should be chosen according to your skin type. Dry skin needs a moisturizing mask, oily skin benefits from a mask that cleanses impurities, sensitive skin needs a calming mask and aging skin gets a kick out of a lifting mask.

Face masks are used 1–2 a week depending on your skin type. Best results are achieved when the face mask is applied on the skin after peeling it, as peeling removes dead skin cells and enables the skin to utilize the active ingredients of the mask as efficiently as possible.

Depending on the product and the goal, face masks can be washed away with water or wiped off with a cotton pad, followed by applying toner and a moisturizer. Some masks can be left on for the night and washed away in the morning.

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