Collection: Nordic Kings

Organ supplements from high-quality beef organs

Experience the holy grail of superfoods from Nordic Kings! The easy-to-consume Nordic Kings organ powders are made from high-quality organ meats, full of precious nutrients. Organ meats have an exceptionally broad nutritional profile and they contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Nordic Kings makes it easy to enjoy the many benefits of organ meats with their ready-to-use organ powders. No taste, no cooking and no hassle – simply the undeniable benefits of this superior food. Try for yourself!

Pure organs supplements from ethically sourced animals

Nordic Kings is a Swedish company founded by a group of health geeks, biohackers and paleo enthusiasts. Nordic Kings was born out of the need to find organ products which would meet the quality and ethical standards of the group. Since none were available on the market they decided to start producing such products themselves, with the focus on pure, high-quality and ethically produced ingredients.

The products of Nordic Kings are from grass-fed animals which are raised ethically in their natural habitat in Sweden. All the farmers that Nordic Kings cooperates with are Organic and KRAV certified.

The Nordic Kings organ products are freeze-dried in order to preserve the important nutrients as well as possible. The products are free from hormones, antibiotics and additives. The selection of Nordic Kings includes the following products:

Why should you include organs in your diet?

Organ meats provide excellent nutrition as they contain plenty of important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Organs are among the most nutrient-dense foods that exist.

Though many people would be convinced of the many nutritional benefits of consuming organ meats, their use may be limited by the difficulty of cooking organ meats as well as their unique taste. The organ products of Nordic Kings are in a ready-to-use and tasteless capsule form. Enjoying the benefits of organ meats couldn’t be easier!

Organs are good for many kinds of diets, such as paleo, keto and raw food diets. They are also one of the key products of those interested in biohacking.