Collection: Eye Creams

Natural eye creams nurture the sensitive skin

Eye cream is one of the most important products in the skincare routine. The skin around the eyes is thin, delicate and it dries easily. It also usually shows the first signs of aging. Therefore this delicate area of the face needs special care, soft touch and specific products tailored for its needs. Take care of the delicate skin with an eye cream made with natural ingredients!

Take care of the sensitive skin around the eyes

Eye creams are designed for the needs of the sensitive skin around the eyes. Eye creams are meant to be used on the delicate skin around the eyes. In some cases eye cream can also be applied on the lips and the skin around the lips to prevent wrinkles.

The skin around the eyes is about three times thinner than facial skin in general, which is already thinner and more sensitive compared to other areas of the body. Apart from the root of the eyelashes, there are no sebaceous glands on the eye area. This is why a lot of moisture is released from the skin around the eyes. There is also less collagen and the skin is less elastic around the eyes. Because the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than other facial skin, the signs of aging can also be seen more clearly around the eyes. That’s where you usually can spot the first signs of aging.

The use of eye cream

It is usually recommended to start using eye cream when you turn 20 or start to wear makeup. Different products should be used on the skin around the eyes than the rest of the face. Eye creams often have a gel-like or emulsion-like texture.

It is good to use eye cream twice a day. You can use the same product in the morning and evening, but if your skin is particularly dry or aging it can be good to get a heavier and more nurturing eye cream for the night and a lighter one for the day. In general, the eye cream should be selected based on the needs of the skin: for example, puffy eyes may need a cooling gel-like eye cream.

Eye cream should be tapped gently on the skin. Avoid rubbing the skin. The eye cream is applied on the upper and lower eyelids but you should try to avoid the moving part of the eyelid. Be careful not to apply too much cream as it can cause puffiness.

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