Collection: Honeys

Honeys paired with Arctic flavors

Taste the flavors of the North in our Arctic honeys! In our selection, you can find high-quality Finnish honeys flavored by gingerbread, spruce, salty licorice, rowanberry and other Arctic berries. You can use flavored honeys for hot drinks, smoothies or baking or enjoy them as such. The Arctic honeys are also a wonderful gift idea for a foodie who enjoys exciting flavors!

Honey is nature’s own sweetener

Honey is a 100 % natural product produced by western honey bees. Honey consists mostly of fructose, glucose and water. In addition to these, honey contains protective nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Honey can be running, soft or solid. The consistency of honey depends on which flowers the honey bees have used to make the honey. Honey can be used in cooking and baking instead of sugar.

Honey contains less calories than sugar

Since honey is sensed as even 1,3 times sweeter than regular sugar, a smaller amount of honey is needed to achieve the same sweetness. Honey also contains 20 % less calories than sugar. Therefore you will get the same sweetness from honey as from sugar with 40 % less calories! In other words, for every 100 grams of sugar you will only need 70 grams of honey.

Remember that honey shouldn’t be given to children under the age of one (1 year).

Get to know our honey products made from 100 % Finnish honey!