Collection: Berry Powders

Add more vitamins to your meals with berry powders

Berry powders are an easy way to add more vitamins and minerals to your meals. You can add berry powders for example to your porridge, yoghurt or smoothie! Berry powders can also be used in baking or desserts or you can mix them in hot or cold foods. The powders last long and even a small portion contains lots of good nutrients. For example one tablespoon of high-quality 100 % berry powder corresponds to one portion of berries recommended in nutrition guides. Berry powders are safe even for the smallest members of the family!

The best powders are made 100 % from berries

For example the Biokia berry powders are prepared from berries that have been dried as a whole so that the peels and the seeds of the berries are included in the powder. The berry powders are dried in low temperatures below 40 degrees celsius so that the natural colours, flavours and nutrients of the berries are preserved as well as possible.

Keep the berry powders tightly sealed

It is good to keep the bag of berry powder in use in its own packaging and to close it tightly after usage. Berry powders preserve well but if the bag is not closed properly and the powder gets into contact with oxygen, the precious flavonoids in the powder may be destroyed. Berry powders shouldn’t also be preserved in too warm, for example close to the oven, or too cold, for example in the fridge. Berry powders are best to be stored in a dry place in room temperature.

The shopkeeper’s tip: try the wonderful sea-buckthorn, the true vitamin bomb of the North!