Collection: Face Wash

Natural face washes for all skin types

Cleansing the face is the foundation of your skincare routine. A good cleansing product cleanses the face from makeup, bacteria and sebum while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. Cleansing the face can also be a relaxing experience, as the pure and natural ingredients pamper all your senses. You can find cleansing gels, oils, cakes, foams, creams as well as micellar waters for every skin type from our selection. Choose the one that suits your skin’s needs the best!

Wash your face twice a day

For most skin types, the face is best to be washed twice a day. During the day, the face is exposed to dirt and air pollution which needs to be washed away in the evening, along with makeup. The skin is the most active during the night, for example producing excess sebum which is good to be washed away in the morning. However, lighter cleansing with toner may be enough in the morning. If you have dry skin, cleansing the face once a day is enough. After using face wash, finish the cleansing with toner which prepares the skin for the moisturizer, serum and face oil.

How to choose the right face wash for your skin

Face washes come in many different forms, such as gels, foams, creams, oils, milks, cakes and soaps. How to choose the right one for you depends on your skin type.

Oily skin needs a face wash which balances the skin’s sebum production, dry skin needs a face wash which also nourishes the skin and normal skin benefits from a face wash which supports the skin’s normal functions. Finding the right product is often the result of trial and error. A product which is too mild might not cleanse the face properly whereas a product which is too strong may dry the skin too much which causes a new set of problems.

Choosing the right face wash also depends on whether you want a product which requires the use of water, such as gels and foams, or whether you would prefer a product which is wiped off the skin, such as creams and oils. Dry skin is better off with products that don’t require the use of water.

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin in the other areas of the face, which is why the cleansing of the eye area requires a gentler touch. Many of us also wear eye-makeup which is another reason for choosing a separate product for the cleansing of the skin around the eyes.