Collection: Body Wash

Nurture all your senses with ecological shower gels and soaps

Washing your body and hands daily are the cornerstones of good hygiene. A good body wash not only cleanses your skin but also keeps it moisturized. You can find ecological and nurturing body washes for every preference in our selection. Would you prefer to start your morning with the refreshing scents of birch? Or would you perhaps prefer to take a relaxing foot bath while enjoying the scents of the Nordic summer? Choose your favorites from the natural shower gels, soap bars, hand washes, chakra soaps and bath salts in our selection!

Soap bars and body cakes are an ecological choice

Soap bars and cleansing body cakes are an environmentally friendly option to soaps and shower gels packed in plastic bottles. Soap bar is also long-lasting, it packs in small spaces and foams well. The hand-made and natural soap bars and body cakes in our selection are gentle for the skin and contain vegetable oils which keep the skin moisturized.

Why choose a soap bar?

  1. Soap bar is ecological: The packaging material of soap bars is usually easier to recycle than the packaging of liquid body washes and soaps.
  2. Soap bar is long-lasting: Soap bar contains very little water so it preserves well. Soap bar also lasts for a long time in use.
  3. Soap bar moisturizes the skin: Natural soap bars contain vegetable oils which moisturize the skin. Soap bars made of natural ingredients don’t contain synthetic preservatives or tensides which can irritate and dry the skin.
  4. Soap bar is easy to transport: Due to its small size, a soap bar is easy to take with you on your travels. Soap bar can be included in the carry-on luggage.
  5. Soap bar is versatile to use: Many soap bars can be used to wash the face, body and even hair.

You can experience the fresh and enchanting scents of the pure Nordic nature in the soap bars of Tundra Natural and Hetkinen. We also recommend you to try the lovely chakra soaps from Flow Cosmetics which help to open your chakras. Last but not least, don’t forget to try the cleansing body cakes from Luonkos!