Collection: Salts

Natural salts with a Nordic twist

Salt makes every meal a bit tastier. The salts you can find at Arctic Pure have a bit of a twist which definitely makes them worth trying. Our salts have been spiced up with the treasures of our forests, such as porcini and nettle, which add a unique aroma to your meal. Nettle salt is excellent with a breakfast omelette, for example. If you wish to go more traditional, you can also find classical salts and herbs salts from our selection. Give your meals the final touch with these exciting flavors!

Natural salts contain important minerals

All salts contain sodium chloride which increases blood pressure, if used excessively. However, industrial table salts and natural salts (for example sea salt and rose salt) have many differences.

  • Table salt is an industrial, chemically produced salt. The main ingredient of table salt is sodium chloride but some minerals are also added to it, such as iodine and fluorine. Table salts also often contain additives and preservatives.
  • Sea salt is raw salt which is formed naturally as the result of the evaporation of water. Sea salt contains chlorine, sodium, iodine and fluorine. It has a slightly more intense flavor than table salt.
  • Himalayan salt is a natural salt which is mined from the Punjab region in Pakistan (not Himalaya). It contains plenty of necessary nutrients (84 in total), such as minerals. Himalayan salt has a slightly pink color.

You can find sea salts and Himalayan mountain salts from our selection, flavored with Nordic herbs as well as unflavored options. See the selection!