MettänMaku Smoked Porcini Seasoning

MettänMaku Smoked Porcini Seasoning

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The essential ingredient of this seasoning blend is umami, which porcini mushrooms naturally contain a lot of. It is one of the five basic tastes and its superpower is to enhance the flavors of all other ingredients.

Smoked onion adds a campfire feel to the seasoning, and wild yarrow pepper brings a suitable kick when paired with other flavors. It works well with meat, fish, and vegetables alike. The chef's ultimate choice!

Do you want to add delicious smoky flavor to your dishes?

This unique seasoning blend offers a deep and rich smoky aroma to your food, adding a new dimension to it.

Smoked Porcini Seasoning Blend is specifically designed for food enthusiasts who want to easily and effortlessly add delicious smoky flavor to their dishes. This conveniently packaged seasoning blend is easy to use and is perfect for both camping and home kitchens.

The main ingredient of the seasoning blend is the delicious Finnish porcini mushroom, which adds depth and a unique flavor experience to the food. Additionally, carefully selected spices and herbs complement the smoky aroma and create a balanced flavor profile.


Using the Smoked Porcini Seasoning Blend is effortless. You can sprinkle it directly on top of your food or mix it into marinades and sauces. The seasoning blend works wonderfully with grilled dishes, sautéed vegetables, soups, and sauces, giving them a fantastic smoky flavor and delicious kick.

Smoked Porcini Seasoning Blend offers you the opportunity to create delicious and smoky flavor experiences in your dishes. It works wonderfully with meat, fish, and vegetable dishes, adding depth and complexity. You can also experiment with using the blend in different recipes and dishes, creating your own flavor twist to your food.

We want to ensure you have the best possible flavor experience, which is why Smoked Porcini Seasoning Blend is made from carefully selected ingredients. Every sprinkle of the seasoning blend offers you an intense smoky aroma and delicious taste.

Give your dishes a new smoky dimension and indulge in the Smoked Porcini Seasoning Blend - the perfect flavor combination for culinary adventures in your kitchen!

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Porcini, salt, smoked onion products, garlic, St. John's wort flower and leaf.
Salt content 40%.

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