Collection: Fragrances

Fragrances soothe or lift your mood

It’s no secret that scents affect our emotions and are stored in our memories more strongly than other senses. Fragrances can therefore have a big effect on our mood: the right kind of fragrance can boost confidence and lift spirits or calm down a racing mind. You can find natural fragrances based on essential oils in our selection. The fragrances are inspired by our clean nature which help you to return to your roots. Get to know the selection and find your own favorite scent!

Natural fragrances get their scent directly from plants

Fragrances are alcohol-based liquids designed to make their wearer smell good. Fragrances contain water, alcohol and concentrates that give the fragrance its scent.

Fragrance is either sprayed or spread on the skin depending on the packaging form of the product. The best places to apply fragrance are the pulse points which include the neck, behind the ears, ankles and the insides of wrists, elbows and knees. The idea of this is that the pulse point will warm the fragrance, releasing the scent continuously. Fragrance is good to be used carefully so that the scent doesn’t grow too strong. The fragrance will interact with the wearer’s own physiology, thus modifying into a unique scent on the wearer’s skin.

The stronger the fragrance, the longer the scent will stay on the skin. The strongest perfumes may last on the skin for up to eight hours whereas the lighter eau de toilettes can last for 2–4 hours. Natural fragrances get their scent from