Collection: Night Creams

Night cream repairs and nourishes the skin

Night cream nourishes the skin during the night when the skin is more active and permeable. During the nighttime, the skin is more receptive to the night cream’s active ingredients. While night cream is usually used only at night, dry skin may benefit the nourishing touch of night cream during the daytime as well. Night cream is applied on the skin in the evening after cleansing. In our selection, you can find luxurious night creams made from the best ingredients from the Arctic nature. Pick the one that suits your needs and order today!

Is a separate night cream really needed?

You might wonder whether a separate cream is really needed for night and day. If you are looking to achieve the best results with your skincare, then the answer is yes. Skin has different needs during the night and day and different products respond differently to these needs.

Day cream protects the skin from the external strains that the skin faces during the day, such as UV radiation, weather conditions, air pollution and microbes.

During the night, the skin recovers from all this daytime damage. This repairing process can be even three times faster than during the day. The temperature of the skin is warmer during the night and the skin gets rid of the damaged cells and works hard to utilize all the nutrients available. Night creams therefore contain ingredients that repair the skin and reduce puffiness. Night creams are also heavier and nutritious than day creams. Night creams don’t naturally also contain SPF protection usually found in day creams.

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